General Sattler Video

General Sattler, provided us with leadership insights that have been his guide through actual wars and the challenges of work day-to-day.

Paul Young Video, 2014 Annual Dinner

Paul Young, author of "The Shack", helped us to confront the darkness and brokeness of our own shacks, and inspired us with hope that we can find wholeness and life.

Jeff Grant Video

Jeff Grant's story redefines our definition of success. After living the dream, and then ending up in prison, Jeff's faith, life and perspective were changed.

Mark Linsz Video Highlights

Mark Linsz is the CFO Risk Executive for Bank of America. He spoke at our November 2013 event. He shares about seeing work as a calling, and the need for intentionality in life and relationships.

Mark Hutchinson Video

Mark Hutchinson, CEO of GE China, gives us a glimpse into running a multinational operation in China. What challenges and opportunities exist at this level of business? What keeps him ethically fresh in his daily life? Watch this inspiring interview with a deep message for all of our lives.

Barry Rowan Video

Barry Rowan shares insights into life, work and purpose. He weaves in stories from the airport bus driver, to failure in Brazil, to the heights of the high tech industry. His insights are profound.

Carla Harris Video

Carla Harris shares lessons learned in her career as an investment banker on Wall Street, and how giving of her talents on the job and in the community have made a difference in her life, work and faith.

Michael Lee Video

Michael Lee shares about his faith journey in business. His journey took him to partnership in Arthur Andersen, through the Enron fall, and now to to Presidency in North Highland.

Jose Zeilstra Highlight Video

Jose Zelstra talks about her career in NY and international consulting. She talks about a personal awakening to God's activity in her life and the ethical challenges she met along the way.
AmyGrant Video Icon

Amy Grant Video, 2012 Dinner Highlights

Amy Grant shares the beauty of her song and the beauty of wisdom with us at the 2012 Annual Dinner. This video is a short highlight of the evening.


2012 Annual Dinner Slide Show

We had a wonderful time at the 2012 annual dinner. We have compiled a slide show of the event.

Steve Preston Interview

Watch the Steve Preston interview from the January 13 GLF meeting.

Stephen Green Interview

Watch the Stephen Green interview at the 2010 GLF dinner. Stephen Green is from the UK and is the author of the book "Good Value". He shares with us his deep insights into living out faith in the marketplace.


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