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David Miller Interviews W. Grant Gregory, Board Chair of Greenwich Leadership Forum

This highlight video is a great example of the professional quality and character of the events we hold at the Greenwich Leadership Forum.

Our Venue: “The Loft” 
Christ Church 254 East Putnam Avenue,  Greenwich CT 06830

As of October 2016, all GLF monthly evening
forums will be held at The Loft at Christ Church
2nd Floor of the Parish House in Greenwich. Click
on the map for parking and walking directions. 


What is Greenwich Leadership Forum?

The Greenwich Leadership Forum (“GLF”) is an organization that provides a forum for business executives to explore how faith and religious principles can play an important role in their decision-making, while building and leading successful and ethically sound organizations. Based on Christian principles and Biblical teachings, GLF is an organization that welcomes men and women from all faith traditions.

We bring local business executives and leaders together once a month to engage each other and prominent outside business leaders in open and frank dialogue about the vital link between faith, leadership, and ethics.

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