Mission of the Greenwich Leadership Forum

Business Faith Ethics

The Greenwich Leadership Forum (“GLF”) is an organization that provides a forum for business executives to explore how faith and religious principles can play an important role in their decision-making, while building and leading successful and ethically sound organizations. Based on Christian principles and Biblical teachings, GLF is an organization that welcomes men and women from all faith traditions.

We bring local business executives and leaders together once a month to engage each other and prominent outside business leaders in open and frank dialogue about the vital link between faith, leadership, and ethics.

GLF History

Conceived in winter of 2003, GLF had its first pilot series in spring 2004. Feedback was positive, the board was assembled, a mission was agreed, and a 501c3 corporation was formed. We have just completed our 21st season, 102 sessions with 41 interviews of business leaders.

GLF’s stimulating and meaningful discussions of topical and timeless issues are led by David W. Miller, Ph.D.  

The GLF Board members are listed on this page.

Contributions by individuals and corporations are tax-deductible and appreciated. For questions, contact Dick Murphy via email at: [email protected] or by phone at 646-322-5686

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