21. Spring 2014 Series

“2013 Top Ten Ethics Bloopers” led by DWM (1/17/14)
Annual Dinner Guest: Paul Young, author of The Shack; George and Carol Bauer, leadership Award recipients (3/5/14)
“Is Lying Simply Part of the Job?” led by DWM (4/4/14)
Guest: Gen John Sattler (5/15/14)

20. Fall 2013 Series

“Stories from the Road” led by DWM (9/11/13)
“Young Professionals Night” led by DWM (10/17/13)
Guest: Lou Giuliano , Chairman, ITT Industries (ret’d), and Member of the Board of Governors, United States Postal Service (10/18/13)
Guest: Mark Linsz, Corporate Treasurer, Bank of America (11/15/13)
Guest: Jeff Grant, Director, Progressive Prison Project (12/13/13)

19. Spring 2013 Series

“Top Ten List 2012 Ethical and Leadership Breakdowns” led by DWM (1/11/13)
“Success and Ethics: Why Ethical People Have Ethical Lapses” led by DWM (2/8/13)
Annual Dinner Guest: Mark Hutchinson, President & CEO, GE China (3/6/13)
“Why Ethical People do Unethical Things – Part II” led by DWM (4/5/13)
“Diversity & Inclusion: Is there room for God?” Led by DWM (5/10/13)
“Open Mic” led by DWM (6/7/13)

18. Fall 2012 Series

Guest: Harri Sundvik, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Managing Director, Head of Nordic Corporate and Investment Banking (9/14/12)
Guest: Carla Harris, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley (10/5/12)
Guest: Barry Rowan, EVP, CFO & Chief Admin Officer, Vonage (12/14/12)

17. Spring 2012 Series

Guest: Steve Preston, CEO, Oakleaf Waste Management (1/13/12)
“Believers in Business” led by DWM (2/10/12)
Annual Dinner: Amy Grant, Songwriter, Musician, 6-time Grammy winner (3/6/12)
“Bad Apples and Good Friday: Dealing with Judas in the Workplace” led by DWM (4/6/12)
Guest: José Zeilstra, President and COO, Giveback LLC (5/4/12)
Guest: Mike Lee, President, North Highland (6/8/12)

16. Fall 2011 Series

“Leadership in Times of Crisis: Lessons from 9/11, Ten Years On” by DWM (9/16/11)
Guest: Jim Lane, former Goldman Sachs partner; NCS Founder, private investor (10/14/11)
Guest: David Kim, Partner, Co Head of Investor Relations Group, Apax Partners (11/11/11)
Annual Christmas-Year End Finale (12/9/11)

15. Spring 2011 Series

“Rear View Mirror: Looking Back to Look Forwards” led by DWM (1/14/11)
“Top 10 Ethics Myths” led by DWM (2/11/11)
Guest CEO: Bob Doll, Chief Equity Strategist, BlackRock (Fourth Annual Dinner, 3/2/11)
Guest CEO: Anthony Scaramucci, Managing Director, SkyBridge Capital, and Author, Goodbye Gordon Gekko (4/1/11)
Guest CEO: Dave Westin, President, ABC News (05/6/11)
“Season Finale: Open-Mic” led by DWM (06/3/11)

14. Fall 2010 Series

9/17/10 Guest CEO: Curt Welling , CEO, AmeriCares Foundation,
10/8/10 Guest CEO: Keith Darcy, Executive Director, Ethics and Compliance Officer Association (ECOA)
11/12/10 “Road Stories” – with David W. Miller
12/3/10 “Christmas at Work” – with David W. Miller
13. Spring 2010 Series
January 22, 2010 “Be a Tiger” led by David W. Miller
Guest CEO: Sharon Allen, Chairman, Deloitte LLP (February 19, 2010)
March 12, 2010, Augie Turak, Director,
Third Annual Dinner: Guest CEO: Stephen Green, Chairman, HSBC Holdings, (04/14/10)
Max Anderson, Author, MBA Oath (05/07/10)
“Open-Mic”, teaching session (06/11/10)

12. Fall 2009 Series

Guest CEO: Britt Harris, Chief Investment Officer, Teacher Retirement System of Texas (09/11/09)
Guest CEO: Harri Sundvik, Managing Director, Head of Nordic Corporate and Investment Banking for Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BACML (10/02/09)
Faith & Finance: Jesus and EBITDA (11/13/09) – rescheduled…
Guest CEO: Jim Young, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Union Pacific Corporation (12/4/09)

11. Spring 2009 Series
Guest CEO: Charles Millard, Director, Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (01/23/09)
Guest CEO: The Honorable Gregory W. Slayton, US Chief of Mission to Bermuda, and former Managing Director of Slayton Capital, Board Advisor to Google, and Silicon Valley CEO (02/06/09)
Living Through the Market Meltdown: Suffering (03/13/09)
Living Through the Market Meltdown: Uncertainty (04/03/09)
“Walls…” DWM as speaker, 2nd Annual GLF Dinner (4/30/09)
Living Through the Market Meltdown: A Time for Upsizing? (05/15/09)
“GLF Improv and Open Mic” (06/05/09)

10. Fall 2008 Series

“Storms brewing in Your Office? Preparing for Ethical Storms” (9/5/08)
Guest CEO: John Murphy, Chairman & CEO, OppenheimerFunds, Inc. (10/17/08)
“Change You Can Believe In” (11/7/08)
Guest CEO: Mike Ullman, Chairman & CEO, J.C. Penney Company (12/5/08)

9. Spring 2008 Series

“New Age Spirituality in the Workplace” (2/22/08)
“Defining Moments: When Values Collide” (3/07/08)
“That’s Cheating! In Honor of April 15th” (4/11/08)
Guest CEO: Pat Gelsinger, SVP and General Manager/Digital Enterprise Group, Intel Corp (05/01/08 GLF Inaugural Dinner)
“Restructuring Your Personal Balance Sheet” (5/16/08)
“Business as a Career or as a Calling?” (6/20/08)

8. Fall 2007 Series

Leadership Models and the Bible (09/14/07)
Guest CEO: John G. Rowland, former Governor of CT (10/26/07)
Guest CEO: Rob Pace, Partner and Managing Director, Head of Investment Banking Strategy and Marketing, Goldman Sachs (11/16/07)
Guest CEO: Tim Irwin, Author, Psychologist, and Businessman. (12/13/07)

7. Spring 2007 Series

Guest CEO: C. William Pollard, Chairman Emeritus, ServiceMaster Company (2/6/07)
Guest CEO: Greg Page, President and COO, Cargill, Inc. (2/20/07)
“Leadership by the Book – But which Book?” (3/9/07)
Guest CEO: Ken Melrose, Chairman and CEO (ret’d), Toro Company (4/18/07)
“Duke Fuqua MBA Cheating Scandal: Can you Teach Business Ethics?” (5/11/07)
Guest CEO: Geoff Boisi, Chairman and CEO Roundhill (6/21/07)

6. Fall 2006 Series

“Breaking the Three Taboos at Work: Best Practice or Career Suicide?”
“The HP Way: Gone Astray?”
“Does God Want You to be Rich?”
“To Apologize or Not to Apologize: Is that the Question?”

5. Spring 2006 Series

“Executive Compensation: Is it Just or Just Obscene?!”
“Danish Cartoons; No Laughing Matter?”
Guest CEO: Debra Waller, Chairman and CEO, Jockey International
“Human Blinks… Godly Blinks”
“Kenny Boy, Jeff and Jesus: Lessons from Enron”
Guest CEO: Steve Reinemund, Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo.

4. Fall 2005 Series

“Should you be known as a Person of Faith at Work?”
“God & Caesar: Should Faith Influence Investment Decisions?”
“Winning isn’t everything, or is it?”
“Wal-Mart, Faith & Ethics: Where do We Fit In?”

3. Spring 2005 Series

“What Do You Do When Your Star Flares Out?”
“Preventing Ethical Flare-Outs”
“Ethical Selling”
Guest CEO: John Tyson, Chairman and CEO, Tyson Foods, “Core Values in a Tough Industry” – “Managing Imperfections”

2. Fall 2004 Series

“No Pain No Gain” (“The Parable of the Talents,” (Matthew 25:14–30 and Luke 19:11–27)
“Pay for Performance” (“The Laborers in the Vineyard,” Matthew 20:1–16)
Guest Speaker: Martin Rutte, “Living Out Your Spirituality at Work” (co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul)
“You’re Fired!” (“The Shrewd Manager,” Luke 16:1–13)

1. Spring 2004 Series

“If I were King: Closing the Gap Between Personal and Marketplace Ethics”
“It’s a Dog’s World: Being Ethical in a Not-So-Ethical World”
“It’s Fine in Theory: Developing an Ethical Framework that Works”