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Our Vision

Our vision is to show how faith-based values inspire greatness in the business world. Our faith traditions are built on values like courage, integrity, vision, compassion, hard work, dedication, service, humility, and candor. Values are the true currency that makes business and economies flourish. We want to encourage the world that a living faith is a pathway to great businesses that thrive in truly life-giving ways. We want people of faith to understand how these values work and how leaders have learned to live them out in the demanding real world of business. In an era when businesses are becoming the primary institution of influence in society, the voice of faith in business not only keeps us from ethical failure, it blazes a path to greatness. GLF wants to be a voice to the world of business, and a champion of the values embodied in faith traditions. It is a vision of business full of the most valuable things we possess, the values of our faith.


Practical Steps

The GLF board has set out several new steps to achieve this vision. 


Digital Media with National Reach

We want to expand our reach beyond Greenwich via the digital media that we produce. Presently we produce videos and the audio podcasts created from each of our events. To increase their reach nationally we are using organic and paid social media promotion methods. We have already increased our viewing over 1000x and we have the vision to increase it even more. Our national viewership is now 10x greater than our local viewership. We'd like to see that grow to 100 or 1000x more reach.  Giving to our marketing fund helps expand this reach. Each $500 gift can reach 300 new people with our media. 


New video content beyond our monthly meetings

We have a vision to create regular video sequences in addition to our regular meeting videos. New videos that reach business people of faith from all over the nation. These new videos will be promoted on social media to carry the message of GLF even further. These will be videos produced with the same goal of encouraging the values of faith in the workplace. This too will require funds for video production as well as media promotion. $15,000 will pay for a new video and its initial promotion. 


Nationally Known Thought Leaders

We have a vision to bring more nationally known thought leaders to our meetings so that the impact and reach of our meetings will grow. These speakers take more work to book and require higher honoraria. We feel that speakers of this caliber would enhance our local meetings and our national reach. The cost of  nationally known speakers can range from $10,000 and up. Your gift could bring a speaker of great influence to GLF and then to the nation. 


Grant Funding

We need funds to raise funds. We feel that foundations will join us in our vision. We are actively preparing the groundwork for grants for GLF. We will need $20,000 to see this project through. It could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars being added to the cause of GLF's vision. 


Giving to the Cause

MEMBERSHIP $500 contribute to our ongoing meetings 

PROMOTER $1000 will help our videos reach 1000 new people. 

DIRECTOR $2500 will help fund the creation of one of our meeting videos. 

PRODUCER $10,000 will fund a nationally known speaker appearance. 

GRANT SEED $20,000 will provide a seed for fundraising that could be leveraged into hundreds of thousands of ongoing grants for GLF. 

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